Deep Groove Ball Bearing 6800 Series
Deep Groove Ball Bearing 6800 Series
May 2, 2017

Deep Groove Ball Bearing 6700 Series

Deep Groove Ball Bearing 6700 Series

67 Series

Deep Groove Ball Bearing 6700 Series Manufacturer


Thin Section Deep Groove Ball Bearings were developed for applications where space limitations are of the utmost importance. For example, with the development of humanization design, more and more application for people need smaller and lighter, the difference between the inside and outside diameters of the rings has been minimized or thinned out. Of course this comes at a price by compromising load capacities compared with standard deep groove ball bearing. However, these bearings still accommodate a relatively light radial thrust or combined loads to reach the requirement of application conveniently.

The know-how and the advanced machines used in manufacturing allow our Bearings to reach thin dimensional limits. Our Thin section bearings facilitate the compact design of industrial robots, electrical tools, motor, electrical home appliance, automotive industry, audio-visual and office automation equipment.

Our thin section bearing will help you:

1. Downsizing
2. Weight saving
3. Reduce the weight
4. Energy saving
5. Reduction of torque loss of application
6. Low frictional and irregular torque ensure highly efficient power transmission and smooth rotating performance.

6700 Series: Metric dimensional series for very limited space applications and quite light loads

1. Rolling element: ball
2. Configuration: thin-section
3. Material: chrome steel
4. Inner size: min 10mm, max 55mm
5. Outer size: min 15mm, max 68mm
6. Width: min 4mm, max 7mm
7. Precision degree: ABEC-1, ABEC-3, ABEC-5, ABEC-7, P0, P6, P5, P4
8. Vibration degree: Z2, Z3, Z4
9. ISO9001, TS16949 Certification




Shape dimenionLoad RatingWeight


Inner Size


mm inch

Outer Size


mm inch

Width  BChamfer

mm inch

Cr NCor N

mm inch


mm inch

6700100.3937150.5906 30.1181 40.15750.10.0048003900.0019
6701120.4724180.7087 40.157540.15750.20.0089105300.0031
6702150.5906210.8268 40.157540.15750.20.0088504900.0036
6703170.6693230.9055 40.157540.15750.20.0089606100.0040
6704200.7874271.0630 40.157540.15750.20.00810307200.0059
6705250.9843321.2598 40.157540.15750.20.00810908300.0070
6706301.1811371.4567 40.157540.15750.20.00811709800.0083
6707351.3780441.7323 50.196950.19690.30.012185016300.0150
6708401.5748501.9685 60.236260.23620.30.012251922340.0230
6709451.7717552.1654 60.236260.23620.30.012257724010.0250
6710501.9685622.4409 60.236260.23620.30.012266626360.0340
6711552.1654682.6772 70.275670.27560.30.012288030700.0550